Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Line

I love Rolex watches. Whenever I have the chance to grab one, I will do so as swift as the wind and as firm as mount Everest.

One day back in 2005, my cousin and me went to Planet Hollywood in KL Plaza. We had dinner and lent our ears to a local band that I cannot remember who. As the night go by, we bid farewell to the club and went our way back home.
The next day, my cousin came over and showed me a watch (pic above) he found on our seat while we where in Planet Hollywood. I had a look at it and it felt real. It is real. So, I hand it over to him and said, "This is a real Rolex".

I could have told him it was not the original thing and he would have trusted me. To make the drama more enticing, I could have thrown it into the garbage bin and wait for him to disappear before scouring through the bin and kept the original Datejust 36mm Steel Domed Bezel only for me.

But I did not. There is a line that I dare not cross. That is just not me.

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