Thursday, October 25, 2012

Of Books, Malls and Meatworks.

Visited Times yesterday evening just for the fun of looking at books. I don't read much but I do love the smell of a new book. Paperback is the best, both in terms of its smell and handleability (is there such a word?). I mean, I prefer carrying a paperback around rather than a tough hardcover, anytime. Its sheer flexibility allows me to bend it, misplace it, drop it, forcefully shove it into an already stuffed bag and have coffee stains all over it without a tint of remorse. Not to mention cheap.

To put it simply, a hardcover is a lady while a paperback is a bitch.

Anyway, the visit yesterday was for me to buy the new Steven Gerrard autobiography but I guess the store owner is not a kop and might be a scum by the look of things.

The Meatworks which is located one floor beneath the stupid bookshop looks a bit stale, ailing for customers. From my observation they seem content having to entertain only a handful of patron every day for quite sometime now and oddly enough, the restaurant does not seem to faze a tiny bit. I mean, one must be filthy rich to sustain this exclusive food joint at that rate, its fascinating. It also sucks balls because every time I  pass by I have to turn away so that I do not have to show mercy and walk in to eat their food. Which comes to my next conclusion. No matter how good the food is, people never forget.

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