Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Most Beautiful Girl In The Universe - 2011

Again, I am temporarily washing the clown off my face. The emotions that has been gushing through me all day has turned this clown into a regular guy reminiscent of his youth. Back to the time when everything was someone else problems and the world was my oyster.

"Mak" has always been a pillar of strength in our family. "Abah" passed away at a time when half of us was still in school and me, at my most rebellious. It was tough for her indeed but she held her shoulders up high and plowed our way through thick and thin. Mostly thick when it comes to me.

For the next few years after abah's death, she would regularly cry in silent before sleep. She never slept in the master bedroom again and moved all her stuffs downstairs to the small room next to our kitchen, till now. Here she spend most of her time, praying, resting and contemplating tomorrows challenges that she had to face alone. She stood tall amidst the issues that she had to juggle.

Being an ordinary poor kampung girl back in the 50's, she never had the opportunity to study past standard 6. This magnified the hardship after abah's death since her limited educational knowledge rendered her feeling inferior when dealing with earthly matters. She had to ensure that food and bills were settled from the meagre penchant arwah left us. She also had to make sure that all of us excel in school despite her educational handicap.

All these were invisible to me then. I never appreciated the fact that she was only acting tough to hide her true emotions from us for our own benefit. If she were to crumble like domino's back then, I can never imagine my life now. Nothing can repay what she did for us. Not a night dinner in a 5star hotel nor not dinner in a 1000star hotel, every night for a thousand years.

I am a lot older now but I still wet my eyes sometime thinking that she too will leave us one day. I sincerely hope that it will not be so soon.

I love you very much and congratulations for being "Ibu Mithali Taman Sri Watan, Ampang 2011". Selamat Hari Ibu.


  1. entry recycle kan?


  2. Yer betol. Tu sebab saya pakai tajuk sama cuma tambah "2011" saja.

    Saya suka entry saya ini. Bila saya baca, saya sebak.

  3. Well written bro. She is certainly beautiful in her many ways as a mother. And if she ever gets to read this, her tears will most difinitively overwhelm yours.

    Beautiful post!

  4. sangat touching.
    tetiba rindu arwah Emak...
    Emak tetap ratu dihati.

    btw, very nice entry :)

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