Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Cashier

This is a quick one.

I was supposed to have a late teh tarik session at a popular mamak spot in Kelana Jaya with a few friends that got called off tonight. I came early and since it was a late call-off, I had to finish my nescafe tarik and maggi goreng 'takde sayur' alone at the mamak.

No issue there.

As I was waiting for my change at the cashier, I saw behind her a framed picture of a mamak looking guy standing next to Tun Mahathir, with the both of them staring at a table full of food. As there were a few other people in the framed picture, I was assuming the prominent mamak looking guy next to Tun must be the owner of this mamak shop I just patroned.

Being a curious guy who want immediate answer, I asked the cashier,

"Abang misai tepi Tun tu owner kedai ni ke?"

She smiled sheepishly.

I repeated my question a few times but she kept giving me the "I dont know" sheepish smile.

I concluded that if I run a food joint, I will employ a female cashier who do not know the owner either. I guess she will never dare to steal from me.

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