Monday, April 04, 2011

This is Malaysia And The Year Is 2041

It has been 32 years since Imran Hosein predicted that the new ruling power of the world changed from America to Israel. He said that whatever the Jews did to the Palestinians a long time ago was just the tip of the iceberg and that we should wait until the Jews ruled the world to know what hell on earth is like. He added that the Jews are kings of deception and they did deceived us all.

Whatever Imran said, it was true.

The moment the Jews seized power in the year 2015, gradually every government in the world became a puppet with strings leading to the Knesset. Remnants of the old United Nations that failed back in the year 2014 is never there to be seen. It is the time of the "New World Order".

An order where the world is one. There is no more economically and socially diverse country. It is globalization in its fiercest mode. They say that globalization helps the poor to market their product to the world. Its a lie. They say that globalization reduces the income gap between the third world nation and the superpowers, again it's a lie.

It is terribly easy to lose faith in religion nowadays. The moment you deny the need to socialize with a bottle of beer in your hand, you never go up the ladder. Women who dresses like a muslim will remain beneath the corporate ladder and rot like rats there.

I see people from the village come to the city to work by the thousands, to find money and wealth. Yes, the mega city of now is where wealth can be made but one must not have a pinch of faith in God. Usury is kosher and halal. Vice and "fitnah" is everywhere and it is there in the name of entertainment. Entertainment that is required for globalization. That is the biggest lie.

Laws and constitution are now sculptured to deliver independence right to our doorstep and that is why it is now a crime to call for azan on the loud speakers because it infringes on the privacy of other faiths.

Welcome to the future. Be prepared because it is hell for muslims.


Everything above is fictional but it may become true. May Allah save our children.

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