Monday, September 26, 2011

There Is Something About Malays

There is always something about being a Malay that baffles me.

Back when I was at school, different people from various nationalities will always have a Malay to end a quarrel. Well, most of the time the quarrel was trivial between Arabs and at the end of the day a Malaysian would always be a respected mediator.

A Pakistani grocer once told me that I can credit goods from his shop, anytime but he will never give credit to his own people.

During prayers, the majority middle east makmum will always welcome a Malay imam because we read the Quran better than them.

What is it in us that makes us Malays so lovable?


  1. dekat Mekah, masa gua gi soping jubah, pak arab tu siap cakap in his very broken malay, sebab i ni malaysian, dia bagi discount. kalau bukan, dia taknak pandang.

    kita lembut. kot?


  2. alaa cik gayah... itu ayat salesman power! :-)

  3. oh? eh? heeee. tak kesah la. yg penting, HALAL HAJJAH!! HALAL!! katanya. hek.

  4. orang Melayu ni mudah bertolak ansur.