Friday, June 10, 2011

The Doe, The Heifer and a Vixen

This is a short story about a doe that wanted to be different. She has no name.

The doe was born with all the necessary goat characteristics. Horns, an unpleasant odour and a unisex goat beard. Well it was actually the beard that started the hatred ball rolling but in the end, everything was in the bag. I guess I understand the predicament she was in, being a female with a beard and all. Would you marry Angelina Jolie with stubble?

So one fine day she got fed up with being a goat, she trimmed her beard, wore a red hat to cover her horns, bath to temporarily loose her bad smell and decided to have a long adventurous trip, away from all the chaos and away from all the intricacies of being a goat. She packed her stuff, if ever there were any and off she went to the hills.

After a few hours of travel, she met a heifer. Being of the same gender, they talked and exchanged ideas. Suddenly, the doe realized that when the heifer grow up, being a cow is not so interesting after all. It will still have horns and have unpleasant odour despite not having a beard. She found the discussion futile.

After bidding farewell to the heifer the doe moved further into the hills and there she met a fox. Initially she wanted to flee but after close examination she discovered it was a vixen so she grew less frightened and was compelled to have a chat with her. Well, the doe assumed that the vixen did not recognize her as an edible goat for she was beardless, wearing an undercover red hat, smelled like Popinjay and being of the same sex they will have some form of sisterhood camaraderie, "east-side west-side", "we jungle dweller homiez" type of conversation.

They talked and talked for hours until the vixen got hungry and ate the doe.

The doe was dead and yes, completely nameless. All that is left of her was a red hat and a legend about a doe that wanted to be different.


  1. yup2..end up dengan nameless sbb nak jadi yang lain bukan diri seniri