Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sherman, The Vampire Cockroach - Issue No.1

The Beginning.

Sherman is a vampire cockroach. She was infected after chewing something off a woman's body he found down in the sewer. Sherman is a male roach. She is only his nickname.

Friends have been calling him She from the day his father named him Sherman. His father was once the King of Cockroaches and ruled manhole no.9, Queen Street, London. It is a large manhole, enough to fill half of London City's crap sent down from upstairs. Well, he was their king until they caught him sucking off another male roach's gonad a couple of moons ago. He was banished and never to be seen again.

Apart from his father and mother, Sherman also has 4 step father, 6 step mother and 345 siblings. Considering an average lifespan of 6-24 months for a cockroach, Sherman's family is moderately small.

He didn’t know that he needed blood to stay alive. Sherman I mean. A few days after he ate Miss Twinklebottom's dead ear lobe, Sherman started to feel hungry rather quickly and nothing could clinch his thirst nor fill his tummy full. Blood as a new link in his daily food chain was oblivious to Sherman. Furthermore, he is the first roach to be "vampirelized". It is obvious to Sherman now that ignorance is no longer bliss.

When Sherman accidentally drank blood from a piece of used lady period protection pad he was munching in the bin, he was flabbergasted at the energy and power that the red colour stain gave him and he knew he needed more of it. Sherman never tasted something so refreshing yet so filthy.

After the revelation, he would regularly search for used women’s pad in waste containers, dumps and sanitary bin in toilets until he almost got stamped by an angry fat lady hurrying to pinch a loaf in one of the toilets he was scouring. He knew then that he needed a new source of steady and ample supply. A clean supply. On one particularly eerie night, She found it.

This is the adventure of Sherman, the cockroach.

----------------- To be continued---------------------


  1. hehe 2pagi kau buat aku gelak..nasib baek bini xde..kalu tak mesti dikata nya aku gila..hehe aku tunggu sambungannya

  2. Issue-issue yang seterusnya akan direlease secara rawak tapi saya akan habiskan cerita ini mungkin sampai ke Volume 10.

    Kah kah kah!

  3. eiuwwwwwwwwwwww Pak! why? why? why?

  4. Why apa wizz? I am experimenting.