Thursday, July 21, 2011


I sincerely think that English is a far superior language then yours truly, Bahasa Malaysia. I am not a linguist nor am I an English supremacist. English is just better.

What I am trying to say is that English sends the message across faster and clearer in exactly the correct frame of reference. It is also a better language to describe things. Something fantastic can be depicted in many ways.

English is extremely important in learning. Most of the best scientific journals are in English.

Learning English can be tough but tell me one subject you learnt that was easy.

My word of advice is to get:
(a) The basics right then;
(b) Appreciate bombastic words then;
(c) Understand lingos.

Unfortunately as a victim of colonization we fail to see that Arabic is the best language. Well, you can disagree with me but is there any other better language than the language spoken by the best of all mankind, prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?


  1. Agreed ! I want to learn Arabic too !

  2. Its good to learn but I think it is not compulsory.