Monday, July 04, 2011

Sherman, The Vampire Cockroach - Issue No.3

The Shaman Of Green Lake.

When you are 11,000 feet up in the air with no pressure adjusted environment around, life can be tough. Luckily for Sherman and Bob, they were roaches and hanging on to a pump in a moving aeroplane was hard but do able.

Sherman: We should have taken the sea route. This is killing me! (Was gripping the lever on the pump in the wing of the aeroplane with wind hitting his face at 300mph). I have acrophobia!

Bob: Yeah and reach Green Lake in 2 weeks time? (Shouted but bearly audible with the wind howling).

Flight BA223 is on its way to Johanesburg, South Africa. The weather was sunny and on board were two roaches trying to solve a problem someone in a place called Green Lake might help.

*** Two days earlier in London

Bob: She, I am hungry. Can you go and steal a few boxes of chocolate from Tesco, fly them to me in a blink of an eye now? By the way, you look pale. Have you munched lately? (mimicking the action of chewing a pad with a wicked, wicked smile).

Sherman: I feel that it is unethical of me to abuse this power. Its wrong to steal. Go do it yourself and yes, I munched yesterday. I still have some supply but its running short.

Bob: Well, OK. Infect me now. I read somewhere that humans who drink blood infect others by sucking their victims blood. They are called vampires. Or was it vampaneze?

Sherman: Vampires?

Bob: Hey, maybe that dead lady you chewed was one of em' vampires?

Sherman: Yeah maybe.

Bob: (Quickly sneaked over to Sherman) Snap one of your tarsus man. I can eat that and see whether I get infected by tomorrow.

Sherman: Bugger off Bob! (Kicked Bob who was trying to bite one of his leg). I want to be normal again. I wish someone can help me and I am not going to infect others.

(20 seconds of dead silence).

Bob: I know of a shaman that might be able to do just that.

Sherman: (Grabbed Bob by the arms) Who Bob? Where?

Bob: He is from a place called Green Lake, Newcastle. (Focusing hard on his iphone).

Sherman: You serious Bob? Yes! We'll go immediately this afternoon then. Yes! Yes! Yes! (With a fist pump).

Bob: Its Newcastle, South Africa. Not Newcastle, England.

Sherman slumped on his chair, took a few deep breath and peeked out the window.

Sherman (whispering): Even if its on the moon, I must get there.

*** Back on the aeroplane

Pilot: We will reach Johanesburg in 30 minutes and it is 3:45 in the afternoon local time. Thank you for flying British Airways and please don't steal the blankets and stereo headphones. Have a blast in South Africa!

Sherman: What time is the transit flight to Newcastle? (Struggling to talk in the strong wind)

Bob: 8:15 tonight.

The plane was dancing like a silhoutte against the sun and the clouds. The day was bright and cheerful. The two friends who were clinging on to their life on board the plane were hoping that their trip would be as fantastic as the weather that day.

--------- To be continued ---------------

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