Monday, July 11, 2011

Sherman, The Vampire Cockroach - Issue No.4

Demonic Angel

The Green Lake Beer House was smokey, foul with stench of alcohol and filled with insects of all sizes. Lice, moth and ticks to name a few. The live band was playing a sleazy reggae music and on a stage next to the band, a lady roach was working the pole.

Bob: You sure this is the place? (Worried face)

Sherman: Pretty sure. The GPS coordinate is correct.

Bob: But you don't have a GPS? (Puzzled)

Sherman: (Just stood there staring straight at Bob with the word stupid in mind).

Bob: The crowd looks rough though. I don't think this is a good idea. Something is not right.

Sherman: Don't be such a wimp Bob. We made it half way across the globe to this god forsaken land to do this so come on. Let's ask the bartender and we need an ice breaker, quick.

Bob: Hi my name is Bob? (Giving an idea).

Sherman: Yeah, you can win a Nobel prize with that one.

Sherman (whispering): Hmm..Now how would Travolta do it in the movies? (Hurried over to the bar with Bob tailing right behind).

Sherman: A glass of Bloody Mary On The Rock please. (Winked to the bartender.)

Bartender: With lemon?

Sherman: Lemon will do fine.

Bartender: There you go.

Sherman: Do you know what they call a McDonalds quarter pounder with cheese in Paris? (Asking the bartender).

Bartender: I have not the slightest clue but I heard that France women football team beat England in the Womens World Cup quarterfinal in Germany yesterday. (Smiling sarcastically).

Sherman: A Royale with cheese. Yup, that is what they are called in Paris and viva le'France! (Holding up his bloody mary).

Bartender: Whatever you say boss. (Smiling)

Sherman: Can I ask you another question man?

Bartender: If its going to be another trivia, I will pass.

Sherman: Do you happen to know where I can find The Shaman of Green Lake? (Flapping a 5 dollar note in front of his face).

Bartender: (Just smiled and pointed towards the dancer working the pole using his eyes and took the 5 bucks).

Sherman: Errr.. You mean the stripper over there? She does look like the epitome of elegance and taste but I said shaman. Not stripper. (Giggling hoping that it was just a 5 dollar joke).

Bartender: Nope. That is her alright. She has been mesmerizing everyone in Green Lake like a shaman for the past 5 moons hence, The Shaman Of Green Lake.

Sherman: Can you just, just, just wait for one second? (stuttering at the bartender).

Furiously Sherman pulled Bob to one corner of the bar.

Sherman: What the hell?! May I know where you got your info from Bob?

Bob: Which info are you refering to? (Sweating profusely).

Sherman: About this shaman that can solve my problem you nincompoop!

Bob: I read it in one of the tweet I was following, @anipthewhite on twitter. (Covering his head with his hands fearing an incoming slap).

Sherman: Let me put things into perspective. We risk our lives hanging on to an airplane, spent almost all of our savings to travel ten thousand miles away from home because of a single anonymous tweet? Is that what you are saying Bob?

Bob: The tweet was not anonymous. @anipthewhite is a legend. He has almost 34,500 tweets now. (Almost like talking to himself).

Sherman: Screw you Bob!!

Kaya, a Bob Marley classic was playing in the background and out of the smoke comes a figure. Smooth and cool through the steps off the stage. Like a demonic angel slicing the air moving towards Sherman and Bob.

Jiggle: Someone looking for me?

Sherman and Bob looked at each other then turned towards the figure that just spoke. True enough, she was shamanic with silky brown skin and bright wide eyes. Her feet was long and lanky and her voice was, oh so like Celine Dion singing the title song in the movie Titanic . Sherman was silently praying for if she was not the shaman, she would be the lover he was looking for all his life.

Back in London, monstrosity was lurking.

--- To be continued ----

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