Monday, July 25, 2011

Sherman, The Vampire Cockroach - Issue No.6

The Tree

Jiggles crib was a small square room located in an old tree bark about 10 minutes roach walk from the bar. It used to be a place where Sal, lead vocals for the band Lia The Bacteria lived just before she died. Some say she committed suicide because she was against the idea of having an album full of Ronnie James Dio cover songs but the doctor autopsy shows that she accidentally sprayed insecticide on herself thinking it was perfume. How sad.

Having a home in a tree bark was something unheard of back in England. There were just no more trees.

Sherman and Bob took the opportunity to learn more about trees. The type of trees that were suitable for home and what makes them feel cosy and fresh to live in. Jiggle shared some of her insights with them and Sherman was full of awe. Bob was sleepy.

She taught them that leaves from trees converts carbon dioxide released from a Harley-Davidson fishtail exhaust pipe into oxygen through a process called photosynthesis and this was the reason for the clean and crisp air they breathe around her place. She also taught them that the green color on leaves soothes the eye therefore has a calming effect on a person. Sherman was stupefied.

Bob: This Harley-Davidson guy, is he on drugs?

Yes, Bob remained stupid.

She added that old trees have a unique smell that pumps a traditional and classic feel into the environment. So does the cracking sound of wood when one walks over it. The sensation, timeless.

Jiggle: Enough of Living Green 101 for the night. You guys should grab some sleep.

Bob: So, where do I sleep? (Eyes scouting for a space to rest).

Jiggle: Both of you sleep outside. There is a hammock on the third branch on your upper left outside the door. The view in the morning I assure you, is breathtaking. If you are lucky, you can even see a rainbow over the dark lake at midnite.

Bob: What? Me and him, together in one hammock? Never! (The thought of having to share a bunk with Sherman disgusted him).

*** 15 minutes later

Bob: (Snoring).

Sherman was lying next to Bob in the hammock contemplating his future. Pad food was running low. His body was evolving slowly, turning him into a more complex being and not knowing when this will stop drained him. Will it be for the good, will it be for the bad or even worse, will he be able to control his own body and mind then?

Sherman (closed eye, praying silently): Sleep, please hurry over and caress me in your arms for I am tired. Let me wake and find myself at home with all of these, just a dream.

Unfortunately, it was not a dream. Everything was real. Even the rainbow over the dark lake was true. Inside, Jiggle was listening to "Rainbow In The Dark - Dio" to fade. How appropriate.

--------- To be continued --------

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