Monday, July 18, 2011

Sherman, The Vampire Cockroach - Issue No.5

Destiny Is Overated.

No one knew where, who and how The Beast From Bromley came into existence. Some say it is the evil love child of The Red Roach Queen of Dover with Lucifer himself but it remains a mystery.

News from South London came fast and thick. Several decapitated bodies have been found in the south sewer and they were not just ordinary roaches. They were either VIP's or son of VIP's in the roaches hierarchy.

Some have seen the beast albeit not a single photo was successfully taken but reports have said that the beast is nimbly fast, huge and ruthless. The ultimate killing machine and it is looking for something or someone because each time before it makes a killing it will softly whisper into its victims ear, there can only be me.

*** @ Green Lake Beer House

Bob: What kind of a shaman has a name like Jiggle? Am I pronouncing it right?

Jiggle: Its Jee-Girl. Alright? Jiggle.

Sherman: Sorry Miss Jiggle but I think we made a mistake. Well, he made a mistake. (Looking at Bob).

Jiggle: Just call me Jiggle, okay?

(A pause in time and space for 5 seconds and the camera angle rotates 360 degrees).

Jiggle: No he didn't. I know why you are here.

Sherman: What do you mean you know? Is this a prank? Bob, I am going to kill you! (choking Bob)

Jiggle: Cut it out boys. I mean, I know who you are and why you are here. Infact I have been waiting for you to appear for quite sometime.

Sherman was perplexed. Here is a gorgeous lady, officially a stripper claiming that she know things beforehand. Considering the fact that Bob read about her from an unknown twitter account and the whole trip started from chaos, the chance of her knowing is maybe 1 in a trillion.

Jiggle: It all started after I had this dream. I was on a roller coaster ride. It was a very long roller coaster and I guess it was so long that every living and dead roach of all ethnicity was on that ride.

(5 second pause for Jiggle to sip her dry martini).

Jiggle: Suddenly a huge red monster came out of nowhere and wanted to rip the coaster wheel off. Everyone started shouting and screaming. I thought I was going to die and it was terrible.

(Another 5 second pause just to add drama).

Jiggle: But you were there and you stopped him. In my dream, you stopped him Sherman. (Jiggle stared Sherman right into his eyes which was in tears). From that day onwards I have been made aware of things. Things that you may not yet know. Its your destiny Sherman and I am just glad to be part of it.

His father always say that destiny is overated and subliminally Sherman believed him. Flashes of old memories hit Sherman hard and made the scene he is playing out now almost impossible to swallow no matter how hard he try.

---- to be continued --------


  1. berapa episod nih semua? baca bila siap semua lagi sedap :p

    Overated tu sengaja ker?

  2. Aku tulis bila ada mood aje. Tu yang release sikit sikit.

    Overated tu memang disengajakan. Keh keh.