Monday, August 15, 2011

Sherman, The Vampire Cockroach - Issue No.9

The Attack

Bob's heavy breathing could be heard miles away. One could see that he was trying equally hard to keep pace with the rest. Coming back to Bob's breathing issue, he has been facing it since childhood and he blamed it on his dad for not making him sleep face down planking when he was a child.

Sherman: I suggest that we take five for a few minutes.
Jiggle: Allright but please stay alert. The jetty is just an hour away. I guess we have about 30 minutes of darkness to rough through. Just hope that Persie is still around then. (Pumping air out of her lungs piston-like).

Bob: Argghh.. Arghhh...Arghhhhhhhh (The writer do not have the faintest idea of what he wanted to say but Bob looked extremely tired).

Suddenly sounds of wood snapping. Jiggle could feel an eerie presence. Sherman being weak and toiled just could not conjure enough energy to penetrate the dark and foggy visibility around. More wood snapped. They looked around like headless chickens.

From atop a dying tree, a big eye swooped down on them.

Sherman: Jiggle! Above you!

It looks like it was the smallest of the three big eyes. With fiery retinas and salivating fangs, it smashes on to the ground next to Jiggle.

Smallest Frog: The strike has begun!

Jiggle was not perturbed by the immature attack. She bent backwards, generating enough coil in her upper body to sling a powerful flying kick right in the middle of the attackers jaw.

"Kerplunkkkkk!" The attackers eyeball went berserk and the big eye shudders before dying.

Sherman was terrified but at the same time excited watching Jiggle's Jett Li kungfu moves.

Next came a red and a blue tree frog on steroids. They looked hungry.

Sherman: Wait. Can we have a civilized discussion here? I mean, there is no point in hurting each other. Right?

Red Frog: Wrong. We are hungry and you look delicious.

Blue Frog: Yeah yeah. You look yummy.

Sherman: Look, red. Can I call you red? (Talking to the red frog). I see you as someone who has the intelligence to understand that I am a roach and there is nothing remotely healthy about eating a roach. You can eat banana. Banana is very nutrituous.

Red Frog: Ahh! Shut up!

The red big eye attacked first and his target was Bob who stood still ever since the initial mild attack. Terrified presumably. The red frog inhaled a large volume of air and looked ready. All its veins grew fat like leeches.

"Ptuihhhh", a chunk of the reddish big eye spit came racing through the air.

Jiggle: Bob! Avoid his saliva!

Sherman sprung like a panther towards Bob, pushed him to the ground and landed on his front foot. Bob sprawled into the side bushes, went out of sight and planned to stay out of sight.

Sherman: Is the spit lethal? (yelled at Jiggle who was some distance away).

Jiggle: No. But how do you feel if I were to spit on you?

In an act to show off his strength, the blue frog banged his head to the tree next to him. "Prakkkk!" The tree came crashing down and he then turned towards Jiggle, all hyped up. Like Bruce Lee after a good first round beating.

Jiggle stood her ground with a firm fist. The blue frog hurled towards Jiggle with all his might, head first. Jiggle waited and everything stood still except the leaping frog as if it was a scene in The Matrix. She pointed her fist at the incoming frog's head, "Bushkalalabush!" she shouted as her fist pierced through the frogs forehead. Blue was fish fry.

Out of fear the reddish tree frog screamed, started running for his life and it never dared to look back.

Jiggle: Bob, get out of the bush! Let's move quick. He will come back with more big eyes.

Sherman's first hand view of martial art at its best nullified his initial fear. Jiggle was now Sherman's No.1 idol. Where she mastered the art of self defence was non of Shermans concern but Bob was puzzled.

Blood was everywhere. Frog blood of course and there was still some gushing out of blue frog's head. Sherman stared at Jiggle and Bob. As if both of them understood what he meant, Jiggle and Bob turned away and immediately Sherman was all over blue frog's blood.

Sherman: Now, who is yummy?!! (Talking to the corpse like an idiot).

Sherman discovered a cheap and abundant source of blood supply. Frogs. They are a schmuck and vile and they deserve contempt.

At the jetty Persie was popping in bottle after bottle of vodka. He felt he was useless and a failure in which he was not.

-------------- To be continued ------------------------

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  1. sudah isu 9..hehe lama xbaca..blur kejap..bob sape?jiggle sape? Red n blue frog baik semacam je..sebb torres ke..hehe tp kesian blue frog dijatuhkan jadi santapan sherman..pun sebab torres ke...hehe persia dgn vodka-nya sbb sudah isu 9..hehe lama xbaca..blur kejap..bob sape?jiggle sape? Red n blue frog baik semacam je..sebb torres ke..hehe tp kesian blue frog dijatuhkan jadi santapan sherman..pun sebab torres ke...hehe persia dgn vodka-nya..terlalu salahkan diri sendiri budak tu..baunya sarkastik disitu