Monday, August 08, 2011

Sherman, The Vampire Cockroach - Special Issue No.8

The Big Eye (Special Edition 8:08am, 8/8/2011, Issue No.8)

London 08:08, 8 August. TOAD's headquarters.

It's an old crack beneath the faculty of engineering, Imperial College London. Roach elders of ancient times were always determined to advance their species in everything that they were capable of doing. These elders understood the fact that there were certain things roaches cannot perform such as becoming an investment banker. These were human issues roaches wanted to stay away from. Roaches shared common interest with humans in competing for food and this matter was of grave concern to the elders. To manage this, TOAD was incorporated and located at the most advanced research facility available on earth, Imperial College London.

TOAD's Chief: Sir, we have received information from our South African agent via twitter that there is in existence another roach with superroach capabilities.

Sir: Good work. Get on it immediately. At least we have plan B in case capturing The Beast is a failure. Infact if we execute it perfectly, we might be able to get both of them. Ha ha ha!

TOAD's Chief: Yes sir! Immediately Sir!

Sir's mischievous laughter echoed across TOAD's hallway as Chief scampered to where he came from, the Kill Laboratory.

*** Green Lake Forest

Jiggle: Goodness me, at this pace we will only be able to reach the jetty in a week!

Sherman: Give Bob a break will you. Compared to you and me he has an extra 35 ounces of fat to carry.

Jiggle: We need to be quick. This part of the forest is not safe for roaches. Its full of the big eye. They eat roaches for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything in between.

Bob: The big eye? (Walking but insisted that he was actually running).

Jiggle: Tree Frogs.
Bob was busy googling information about Tree Frogs on his iphone.

Bob: Not enough info about them on wiki. Presumably they are not dangerous. (Said with a sense of relief).

A few pair of eyes were watching the three roaches peddling in between trees. These eyes were evil in nature. Blinking cohesively, waiting and observing with punitive intent. Patiently they followed while their stomach were fuming hungry.

Sherman: Where are we heading?

Jiggle: The jetty is about 10 kilometers away. If we move fast, we may reach it before night falls. We don't want to be travelling at night in this part of the forest. It is extremely dangerous.

Bob: Sherman, why don't you just lift and fly us there?

Sherman: I am weak Bob. My food is just enough for another day or so. Without food I cannot perform my superoaches stuff and remember, I need to do just that to get you guys on to the Lahudas. Whatever amount of food left are meant for that.

Bob: Ahh! You are just being lazy.

Sherman: Piss off and start running you twat!

Jiggle: We also need to catch Persie. He is at the jetty everyday but as soon as night falls, he disappears.

Sherman: Persie?

Jiggle: He is a turtle. He carry tourist around the lake for a charge. We need him to take us to the magical water lily. It is dangerous to be on the lake at night as well. Something heinous lurks beneath the deep waters but Persie is our guy. He knows the lake like the back of his snell. Sorry, shell.

Sherman looked up towards the sky and preyed they would make it. He watched closely as the clouds gathered above and he was sure that it took the shape of the number 8. He smiled. Sherman needed all the luck he could muster.

Those evil eyes were still watching and following stealthily. It was noon and soon it will be dark. Number 4 looms instead of lucky 8 because when night falls, they will strike.

--- To be continued -----

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