Monday, August 01, 2011

Sherman, The Vampire Cockroach - Issue No.7

A War They Can't Win

It was dusk. Almost dark with streams of street lights piercing through the road drain entrance. Glimpse of The Beast lurking in the south sewer can be seen but lost when its hidden by the night. Unknown to many, a covert operation was at work.

Pink leader: Pink leader to base. Pink leader to base. Over.

Base: Reading you loud and clear pink leader. Over.

Pink leader: Target is in view. I repeat. Target in view. Over. (Adjusting his antennae).

A cockroach's antennae is as important as a man's testicles. Without it, a man is as good as dead. Apart from being annoying, a roaches antennae can be a yard stick, sensor and also a long distance 128bit AES encrypted communication gadget.

Base: Copy that. Pink leader, what's your ten-twenty. Over.

Pink leader: My ten-twenty is sewer 66, Tower Bridge. Target moving in closer to rendezvous point. Over.

A trap was set for The Beast. Once The Beast enters the rendezvous point, a trap net made of titanium (with a tint of zinc) will be thrown over and immediately after capture, The Beast will be cut opened and analyzed by the Technology and Roach Advancement Department (TOAD) a sub-division of the military. Their agenda: To create an army of superroaches in their fight against their most obvious biological enemy, humans. That was the plan.

Base: Keep close contact with target. Over.

Pink leader: Ten-four. Over and ... Wait. Target moving towards us. Fast! Its fast! Arghhh!! (Sounds of crushed roaches and deathly shouts).

Base: Pink leader! Do you copy? Pink leader? Are you still there?!

The line went dead and pink squadron, the most elite fighting roaches military commando unit was gone. Annihilated by The Beast in one swift move. It looks like a war mere mortal roaches can't win and TOAD's plan toasted, or is it?

** Day Three, 4:45 am @ Newcastle, South Africa

Jiggle: Wake up. There is something waiting for you up in the clouds.

Sherman: I am not going. I told you last night didn't I? (Groggily wiping his eyes).

The night before they went to sleep, they had a conversation on a few important matters such as how he contracted this disease while Jiggle explained methods in which she receives shamanic instructions bla bla bla. During the conversation Jiggle was clearly seen to be juggling between deep thoughts comprehending Sherman's story and something else which caught Sherman's attention.

Sherman: Probably you were not listening. You seem to be busy focusing elsewhere.

Jiggle: I was listening but my mind was also busy choreographing steps for my next strip session. God it is tough being a part-time shaman and a full time stripper. (Tired face).

Sherman: Owhhh. (What ever ...)

(A minute of silent admonition).

Jiggle: You see, one of my shamanic revelation was that once every 3 moons at dawn, a magical water lily will bloom in the middle of Green Lake and three Lahudas, a heavenly bird will come down to the lake to clinch their thirst. Story has it that these Lahudas have never set foot on earth. They fly most of the time. Even while they sip the water trapped at the center of the water lily, they fly. They rest only in Birsheeba which is a spot in the clouds. You have to get to Birsheeba. Something awaits for you there. Ride the Lahudas to get to Birsheeba. That's the only route. And dawn tomorrow is the time they come down to the lake.

Sherman: What is it that awaits for me there? Up in the clouds? Its just water vapour en masse. How can it hold a bird on it to rest?

Jiggle: There is no time for scientific explanations. Please make haste.

Sherman: What is it that interest you? Me being a freak?

Jiggle: You want to know why? Even if you know, you can't handle the truth.

Sherman: Try me.

Jiggle: Sherman, you are not alone!. (Voice raised. She wanted to tell him when the time was right but rage can be quite overwhelming).

Another 3 seconds pause. The sound of Bob snoring a while ago was gone. Instead, the sound of a cricket chirping takes over the airwaves.

Jiggle: There is another vampire cockroach with evil plans out there. It is much stronger than you and it wants you dead. After your death, it will move up the chain, terminates human being and rule the world. (Her eyes went shiny like a diamond in bright lights).

Sherman slumped for the second time in a week.

Sherman (whispering): Why me? I am just a weak, dirty little insect. I am nothing.

Jiggle: I will explain later. Come, we have no time and Bob, stop playing dead. Gear up and let's roll.

The sun broke dawn. The magical water lily was ready to bloom the next day and the three Lahudas was about to begin their descend to earth. Sherman, Jiggle and Bob was heading towards the lake to witness a ride that Bob and Sherman will never forget.

---------- To be continued ------------

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