Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Know Its Late

Going through my bedtime routine, as I switch off the tele and plug in my mobile charger, I lay. I close my eyes and usually doze off but that is not the case tonite.

Its dark and the only thing that's breathing light is the astro decoder in standby mode. Joyfully telling me the time while I watch in vain the digits, counting its blink to tire my brain and hurry up sleep.

1 blink, 2 blink and a hundred blinks later I am still wide awake.

I turn to my wife but she is happily baby snoring in lala land maybe dreaming of our baby boy, at this very moment tuck deep in her tummy.

I tried counting sheeps but the sheep turned into cows and the cows turned into buses.

Now I am truly convinced that I need air-conditioning.

To hell with ozone and the environment!


  1. tido sebelah peti ais yg terbukak ok gak rasa cam ekon hehe
    malas lak nk google translate ekeke

  2. Ada dokumentari tentang banduan dalam penjara. Dia suka tido sebelah peti es. Rasa selamat katanya.

  3. gua bilang sama chief gua, gua nak gi UK time winter. tapi bila dia tengok gua siap berbungkus berstokin bila duduk dalam aircond letak 22 celcius, dia dah ketawakan.

    hek eleh poyo dia kata gua. baru 22 celcius dah berstokin ada hati nak dok UK time winter. tuih tuih.